Sunday, November 11, 2007

Full of Guilt for not Posting

So......... I know that I have posted lately and I honestly feel horrible. My excuse is that my camera is still broken and I find it really hard to post without fun pictures of my little buddies. We have had a fun few weeks and it is just so crazy to me how much time flies. Both Hanky and Ella Kate just seem like they are growing too quickly and that time just slips away from me. I try to just step back, take in all in, and not let a moment pass us by. Sometimes it is just so hard to not be pulled in 800 directions, keep up with the little ones, and then make sure that the laundry is done.:) I guess that is just the way life is with a little big man and a baby girl. I have just learned that time with them and Hank are most important and that it is okay to let the house be a little dirty and let the piles of clothes pile up a little more (poor big Hank)! They are just so wonderful and worth it! I honestly can say that being a parent is my favorite role in life. There is just nothing better!

I hope that I get my camera fixed soon and I will be able to get new pictures of them out!

Love to all!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Camera has been broken

Happy Halloween everyone! I am so sorry that I haven't posted lately. My camera has been broken and I honestly haven't had the time to fix it! I promise to post this weekend with new pictures of the kids. Hope all is well with everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just a Few of our Friends.........

Speaking of playdates, Mommy, Ella Kate, and I have gotten to play with so many of our friends lately. I just wanted to put some pictures up! Here are pictures of a couple of my favorite buds to hang out with! Maddie Sanford (AKA Captain Elizabeth), Cate Carmichael (for generations our families have been friends - Ella Kate and I are destined to be best friends with her),"Baby Hannah" (still can't stop calling her this), my new best bud Austin (we get to hang out once or twice a week - I love it! - Austin's aunt is one of mommy's good friends from high school and college), Colin Wright (I love this kid - we met last year at school and love to get together to play), Caroline Doyle (Ella Kate and her love hanging out! Ella Kate rolled over on her once - poor Caroline), of course Cordo and Baby Brother (my favorite cousins that live next door), Walker Kirkland (he is going to be the greatest football player ever - I think he is already as big as me and he is only a few months old), and last but not least our friends Tripp and Jack O'Bringer who have moved and we miss them so much (thankfully they come in town a lot and we get to hang out then). So that sums up a few of our friends! We love playing anytime anywhere!

Playdate at Emerson's House

Mommy and me got to go over at play at my new friend's Emerson's house last Friday and I had the absolute best time. I got to see my very favorite boyfriend, Andy Madden. Here we are sharing the best toy in the house - mommy's water bottle. I also got to hang out with Corinne Dunlap, Britain Bridgers, and Porter Hamiliton and of course our host Emerson! I had so much fun sharing my bow with Corinne (she has such fun hair), feeding Emerson her bottle, poking on Britain in her beautiful dress, and pulling everything out of the baby bags with Porter. Porter likes to pull up on everything too! I can't wait to have many more fun Fridays with this crowd. Oh, and Daddy thinks that this playgroup is too cool because so many of the kids are the children of people that he went to high school and college with. Gotta run - Hanky trying to steal one of my toys again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rough Week!

The past seven days have been pretty tough on our little guy. Hanky woke up on Thursday (of last week) with a high fever. He kept a fever from 102 to 104.7 until last night. We have been watching all kinds of movies and visiting the doctor:) I am happy to report that this morning is the first morning since last week that he has woken up without a fever. He is still pretty weak because he hasn't been eating, but looks like Hanky is finally on the upswing. Thank goodness he is feeling better and that none of the rest of us caught this nasty bug! Just wanted to give a quick update - hopefully I will have something more fun to blog about at the end of the week! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Go Dawgs!

How could the Dawgs not win with cute fans like these? Hanky loves to call the dawgs and go "down set hut" for every play while the dawgs are on. Training them early!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whoa..... Here she comes.....

Miss Ella Kate started crawling about a month ago and has mastered the art of getting into stuff (drawers, under tables, finding anything on the floor, finding all of Hanky's toys that she should not have, etc). Back to babyproofing for mommy! Ella Kate is trying her hardest to keep up with her big bro. Speaking of which, Hanky told us today that he loved his baby sister and wanted "to pet her." Poor little girl with a brother who thinks she a puppy. Too cute - might have to do some explaining to do soon! Here she is on the chase and loving life. Isn't she too cute? Spoken like a mother, right?